Saha Honoured at Best of Africa Award

Saha Honoured  at Best of Africa  Award

Cote d'ivoire's star winger Wilfried Zaha donates 10% of his salary to charities in his country. He also actively supports a range of initiatives aimed at helping young Africans.

For this he was honoured at the Best of Africa Awards in central London.

Winner of the award for Philanthropic Endeavour within the Leadership category, Zaha was selected for being a "Professional athlete who has demonstrated exceptional vision, passion, and commitment to leadership, developing or supporting a measurable paradigm.

"I'm a normal guy. I just come from a normal background," he said. "I just try to show people that you can come from any background and still be an influence on this world as long as you believe in yourself and believe in what you are doing."

"Really that's who I am. I'm just a normal guy just following his dream."